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Adding Lights & Lasers to your Handgun

Laser Dots

Laser dots can be added to your gun to help you with accurate aim on a target. Color choices include red and green. Green lasers generally cost a bit more than red ones because more power is required for a green light to operate. The upside to green dots is that they look brighter, obviously making them easier to see – especially when shooting outside in the natural light of a bright day. Red dots are fine for indoor use with less lighting, but they fade once you head outside. 

With continually improving technology, laser dots are being made on an extremely small scale. This means they can be mounted almost anywhere on your pistol. Remember, though, that it’s still a good idea to be comfortable – and practiced – at shooting and accurately aiming with the sights alone. However, there are certainly advantages to having laser sights when using your handgun for personal protection, especially indoors – for example, you’d probably be thankful for laser assistance in an attack in a dimly-lit garage.  


Keeping in mind that general self-defense takes place at night or in a lowly-lit area, you might consider mounting a flashlight on your conceal carry handgun. The obvious disadvantage is the need to turn the light on. If you’re in a self-defense situation, it’s not ideal to have to reach to your gun to activate the light. Nowadays, there is a good solution for this – find a company that makes a flashlight option that automatically turns off when holstered and turns on when drawn from the holster. 

Regardless of whether you get the automatic shut-off/turn-on mounted flashlight or not, be sure you get one that is simple and easy-to-use so you’re not required to mess around just to get the thing to work. This will clearly not serve you well in a real-life defensive situation. 

Be sure to test any flashlight or laser dot before buying, if that’s an option. You want flashlight that emits a solid circle of light without shadows or dark areas. You want a laser that provides the dot circumference you’re looking for – from shooting distance. 

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