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Conceal Carry Options Blog Series

When deciding how to conceal carry your pistol, keep in mind the functionality of your different options.  Things like your lifestyle, the way you typically dress, the weather, your body style, and the activities you do on a daily basis will affect the best option(s) for you.

Inside-the-waistband holster secured over your belt

An inside-the-waistband holster that is secured over your belt refers to an option of wearing your handgun behind your back or side hip (for cross-draw) while under an article of clothing. This carry option will hide most of the gun while keeping it very near your person. One disadvantage is that it could be less comfortable because of its nearness to your skin. Additionally, you may need a larger pant size to accommodate the holster.

Inside-the-waistband holster clipped to your belt

This is the same idea as above except that your gun is stored in a holster that is clipped onto your belt, which could cause the holster to come off when you draw your gun.

Outside-the-waistband holster on a belt

This way of carrying is often utilized by those in suits. It is easier to see the gun in this method than others, but it’s also very comfortable. There are several options pertaining to style and material used to conceal carry in this way, including injection-molded plastic or kydex, leather, nylon, or a mixture of leather and kydex.

Shoulder/underarm holster with or without tabs securing to the belt and covered by a jacket 

If wearing your pistol at your waist isn’t an attraction option for you, a shoulder holster might be. You can easily conceal this way, and reaching for your gun is convenient. Many brands offer adjustable straps as an option, making fit a non-issue when purchasing. This method will necessitate that you wear a jacket size to accommodate the holster. Getting proper fit with even weight distribution across the shoulders is important and you may need an off-side retention strap to keep the underarm strap from cutting into the armpit and balance the weight of the gun and holster.

You’ll have to pay close attention: when the jacket opens, your pistol could be exposed, and in the holster, the gun is pointed back (and could be aimed at someone). Almost all shoulder holsters work like cross draw holsters: during a draw, the gun at one moment will point straight away from the side of the shooter, creating a safety concern.

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