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Kinds of Handgun Safes

You always want to put safety first when using a gun of any kind, and that also holds true for storing your firearm. There are a variety of gun safe options out there, and you’ll want to purchase the proper option depending on the number and size of the guns you own.

Quick Accessibility 

There are small box-sized safes meant specifically for your personal safety weapon that you can get already built into a nightstand or that will fit comfortably below your nightstand or near your bed. Unlocking options include a backlit keypad or biometric fingerprint scanner. If you’re purchasing one of these for easy, quick access at any hour of day or night, you’ll likely want to get one that you can unlock using handprint recognition. These will program it much like a smartphone’s lock options.

Some features you can get on these include anti-theft protection, automatically opening lids or doors, LED lighting for the keypad and/or inside of the box, and some even come with smart safe technology with the ability to interact with your smartphone. Anti-theft protection could include anti-pry bars and secure latches and hinges secured to the inside of the box. Because many of the features of this safe are battery-operated, you’ll also want one that offers a rechargeable battery.

The heavy-duty construction of this type of safe will also prevent corrosion and provide long-lasting protection of your belongings for years. This safe will ultimately allow you to quickly access your pistol yet keep it safely stored away.


If you have several large rifles or shotguns, you’re going to want a larger safe, of course. Keep in mind that these will be heavy and will take up a significant amount of space. These larger safes will allow you to stand your rifles and shotguns up on the butt end so they stack neatly in line and be easily removed.

These will have hinge doors, so you’ll want to make sure the hinges are durable and long-lasting and not cheaply built. You may want one with a door organizer for storing smaller guns and other items. Some great security features to look for include electronic bolt locks, steel body, and floor anchors. Fire protection features you may want to think about would be expanding seal door; fireboard protection in ceiling, walls, and door; an overall high fire rating; and thermal-protective internal lining. Keep warranties in mind when looking at purchasing one of these safes, as well.


You could also get a gun safe that essentially amounts to a basic cabinet with a lock. These often have glass fronts so you can see through to what is inside. If you have a hunting room or are a true gun enthusiast, you might want to be able to display your guns while keeping them safely stored at the same time. The drawback to these could be that glass can shatter in an emergency, but for most normal use they can be a good option.

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